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Meik Meals is a health education brand, as we ​specialize in plant based cuisine, food education ​and holistic health being a multipurpose ​company. Meik Meals is not only just a space for ​vegans or ‘plantbaes’ but a space for ​community.

We welcome everyone, no matter where you are ​on your health journey- regardless of eating ​style. We are here to make it as fun, interesting, ​and educational as possible while sparking the ​inspiration within you. We believe that food is ​revolutionary.

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I'm Meika.

Initially, I started this company after my friends pushed me out on ​that ledge of encouragement. Transforming my health after ​experiencing a minor health scare and loss, I began meal prepping ​for friends and family. I have been creating with food since I was ​16 years old, beginning as a visual learner. Eventually, transitioning ​into veganism and a plant based eating regimen, I fell deep in love ​with food—transforming plants into creative dishes that are keen ​to the modern eye. I am not your typical chef, food enthusiast or ​herbalist as I am here to spark your critical thinking skills about all ​things food and health. On our platform we showcase: plantbased ​recipe curation, educational content, holistic health, ancestral ​medicine, women’s health, food and social justice issues. Cooking ​has always been a way of life, as I pride myself on my Creole and ​Cajun roots. Alchemy and creativity was apart of this inspiration. ​Bringing people together through food, fellowship and ​experiences are what makes my heart beat.


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Our first publication, Soul Vegan Holiday Guide is for those that feel 'left out' during the holidays or those ​that desire to transition to a healthier lifestyle. We had to do it big for our plant-based cousins, this year we ​aren't skipping ANY meals! Our second publication introducing our auxiliary, the Lotus Program is titled, The ​Postpartum Food Guide: A Guide to Postpartum Healing. Nourishing others, especially in a time of need, has ​always been a deep passion of mine. In my work as your postpartum chef, I am able curate a comforting space ​and experience for you during this vulnerable time while pairing it with my passion for alchemizing nutritious ​dishes. Our most recent release, Plug Talk is a user friendly guide on how to ball on a budget: saving you ​money, time and a headache.

"Meik has so much ​creative experience in ​meal planning; she will ​guide you no matter ​what your eating style ​is. Thanks for getting ​my family back on ​track!"

-Bianca J.


"I booked a virtual ​holistic health consult ​with Meika when I had ​covid and allergy issues ​Both times, her ​suggestions relieved ​my symptoms in 24 ​hours. I am very ​pleased, she is God ​sent."

-Rodney B.

"I have never been one to ​foreal take pictures ​showing my bare face. ​After receiving tips from ​Meika, my skin has cleared ​up ALOT with some simple ​and reasonable lifestyle ​changes in my eating ​regimen. I am excited!"


"I am so happy ​everything got cleared ​up with my babies ​eczema and cradle cap. ​Meik made a ​homemade growth oil ​as well as a facemask. I ​was happy to see results ​in 2-3 days!"

-Jasmine R.


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October 20, 2023


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